thinBASIC TBGL Website

by Petr Schreiber 


This section contains links to websites considered interesting by me.

thinBASIC related

thinBASIC website - official web containing all information you need to know about thinBASIC, including downloads and forum section

thinBASIC Adventure Builder - if you like text adventure games, this is site for you. You can get here both "designer" and "player" for such a games. The engine is very powerful, you can include sounds, graphics and rich text effects in your games. All done using thinBASIC by user "catventure"

Graphics related

OpenGL website - if you are interested in API TBGL is based on, you will find this site very interesting

Silicon Graphics - "parents" of OpenGL. This site is updated quite irregularly, but still interesting

NVIDIA Developer - source of interesting technical readings regarding OpenGL, DirectX

ATi Developer - also nice source of similar type as previous link. Of course less info about GeForces :)