thinBASIC TBGL Website

by Petr Schreiber 


Please welcome to special part of this web, in which I will try to present you some common or even advanced and unusual techniques which might come handy.

Hope you will find following information useful

Articles about the basics
These are the articles every TBGL coder should read and cite from sleep!

State safe TBGL programming [Online]

User defined entities [Online]

Entity data signature [Online]

Movie FX
Articles describing how to re-implement techniques used in effect based movies

Blending based bokeh [Online]

Combining photo with 3D object [Online]

Gaming FX
Articles describing how to re-implement techniques used in modern games

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Beyond TBGL
Hints and tips for expanding the power of TBGL using native OpenGL

Beyond TBGL: Offscreen rendering, why and how?

Other articles
General articles describing various graphic techniques

Growing trees

Articles where developers reveal challenges faced while developing game

AirDogs 1942 by Michael Hartlef

Useful forum posts
Important TBGL related threads, not necessarily from TBGL website only

Metacircles - isosurface calculations with entities

Example on boids - method for group AI

Using CG shaders

Using GLSL shaders

Managing 2.5D graphics for adventure games

Creating crowd scenes

Early articles
All this old articles will be converted to new and shiny versions. They use older TBGL syntax, but you will be able to use it even in latest scripts.

Stereo viewing - use of red blue glasses

Check here at least every month, new article might wait here for you!