thinBASIC TBGL Website

by Petr Schreiber 


Here is a list of tools which will help you with creating your next thinBASIC script. If not specified otherwise, the author is Petr Schreiber, so in case of problems just contact me at address in About section.

3D content creation

M15 file format specification in PDF
Specification of thinEdge M15 file format.
Under continuous development.

OBJ to M15
Conversion tool to convert Wavefront OBJ files to TBGL compatible M15 format.
Tested with Blender, Wings3D and ZBrush exported files.
Under continuous development.

Blender M15 Exporter
by Michael Hartlef
Great export plugin for Blender modeler with nice GUI and lot of options.
Under continuous development.

BMP to M15 heightmap
Tool to convert grayscale bitmap to M15 mesh, features optional UV coordinates generation.
Under continuous development.

M15 Utils
by Kent Sarikaya
Tool which reports number of vertices and polygons in M15 files (separate numbers for quads and triangles).
Under continuous development.

thinEdge modeler
Low poly 3D modeler producing M15 models.
Developement stopped.

Bitmap font creation

TBGL Font Creator
Program to generate bitmap texture from any Windows font + options.
Under continuous development.