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by Petr Schreiber 


Free 3D modeler
Download program | M15 file format specification in PDF

This section contains ( very surprisingly! ) thinEdge and materials related to this application

With full control over UV mapping you can easily texture whole model from one texture
Basic model textured from 1 texture

thinEdge is light-weight application designed to create polygonal 3D models.
Your thinBASIC TBGL scripts can load such a models directly using specific commands.

To run thinEdge, I recommend to use it on PC with following parameters:
  • MS Windows 98
  • Pentium II 400 MHz
  • 128MB RAM
  • Graphic card with hardware acceleration of OpenGL
    ( any ATi Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce )

thinEdge is under continuous development, but it already contains many useful features, like:
  • Native format: thinEdge M15,
    this file can be directly loaded in your scripts


    Ferrari imported from OBJ with both geometry and texture mapping
    Imported model

  • Import/Export: of Wavefront OBJ, file format supported in almost every 3D modeler (3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Wings3D, ... )
    You can exchange data with your favorite tools

  • Work with layers

  • Multiple tools to achieve good results in various tasks you can face during creation of object


    Placing blueprint reference in separate and transparent layer is great for precise modeling
    Blueprints in separate layers

  • Polygons can be defined using multiple vertices, have any color and texture

  • Both mouse and keyboard control for ultimate precision of modeling :)

  • ... and much much more! Try it yourself!

In thinEdge you can create anything from little bug to monster of godzilla dimensions.
Monster still too small to be worth modeling?

Just few clicks and you have terrain
Textured and colored terrain

What about whole terrain patches!
You can deform such a surfaces using modifiers assigning colors, height, texture ...

Hope you will like thinEdge, if you have any suggestion, please send it on my email or make a post in our forum