The Beginners Tutorials

  This tutorials are dedicated to the basics of TBGL
If you will learn them all, you should be able to continue on your own with more advanced things

Good luck!

Lesson 1: Initializing TBGL window, displaying triangle

In this lesson you will learn the basics of setup of TBGL OpenGL window, and you will make your first polygon !
Lesson 2: Colors

In this lesson you will learn how to bind color to vertexes and how to change background color
Lesson 3: Types of polygons

Here you'll learn about various kinds of graphic objects
Lesson 4: Matrix functions

In this lesson you will learn how to move and rotate objects in scene, and how to perform objects nesting
Lesson 5: Applying textures and printing on the screen

The fun begins with textures ! Using right textures you can incredibly improve the look of the 3D scene
Lesson 6: Primitives and use of light

The objects we have created are still looking too flat, to enhance the 3D look the light is the must
Lesson 7: Special effects

In this lesson we will make complete scene with scary fog
Lesson 8: Optimizing the scene

To create good looking scene sometimes a huge number of polygons is needed. To optimize the performance of the scene we will use small trick - the display lists
Lesson 9: Using thinEdge models

This lesson will make you familiar with loading and displaying M15 models using thinBASIC

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